Dopo due anni, un grande ritorno a Fabbrica102, il cantautore australianoMichael Brinkworth. Una chitarra, un’armonica e una valigia di canzoni scritte a partire dalla strada. Le tipiche sonorità cantautoriali d’oltre oceano si uniscono al blues, al folk, al grunge, al country e al soul. Dal 2013 in Germania, Michael ha fondato i due progetti: Red Town Blues e il quartetto country WreckHeads.

Michael Brinkworth is a Berlin-based, world-travelling, guitar and harmonica wielding troubadour, originally hailing from Australia, with a backpack-full of heart-felt road-worn songs. Drawing upon a wide range of influences ranging from Neil Young and The Band to Ryan Adams and Wilco with an authenticity and candidness to match, he has honed a unique songwriting and performing style and developed his own idiosyncratic take on alternative-country-indie-folk-soul-Americana-blues-roots-rock-music. Sustained by his ever-evolving set that is as diverse as it is dynamic, he enjoys taking his audiences on a journey that gets down to the heart of everything, keeping it spontaneous and making every concert a new experience.

His latest album, Somewhere To Run From, is set for release with Greywood Records on October 20th, 2017, with a live concert release of his band in their prime coming soon after. He will be touring this album solo and with various formations of the band throughout Europe and Australia into the new year, with a new album already on the way for 2018.