Ivatu (Russia)

25 ottobre 2018 - 22:00 - 23:30
Ivatu (Russia)

Primo ospite internazionale della stagione autunno/primavera di Fabbrica102

Dalla Russia gli Ivatu

Una commistione fra suoni acustici, elettronici e voce in un’atmosfera melodica ma scura

Ivatu — a band from Moscow, playing dark and very melodic music. Its more than once called mysterious — perhaps the most appropriate word for characterizing this band.In 2014 they released their first album, recorded by Pavel Nikolsky. The band is currently experimenting with sound textures at the intersection of electronic and acoustic music.In contrast to the modern computer industry media, the group tries to use a rare vintage audio equipment, for creating a sound as their own expression rather than a unified form.